Looking Back – Thanks 2011

Good Times bad Times,
They all were mine,
Happy face or Sad face,
In mirror i embraced.
When path was tough,
You filled me with faith,
Thank You 2011,
For being so great.

Everyone is so jubilant about welcoming 2012 that they neglect their present i.e 2011. People forget to look back at it and introspect acting ignorant about the learnings from their past time.

There are precisely 23 hours left for the departure of year 2011 and it will be drifted too far into the vast abyss of space & time. All those noteworthy moments will transform into a mere memory – lil’ sweet, a bit bitter.

Two Thousand & Eleven, it sounds like a huge sum but apparently the wheel of time rotated so fast that we didn’t actually realize. But before time snatches it away,

“Thank You 2011 for so many courtesies to me. Thanks for every single arc minute you put a HAPPY SMILEY in life. Thanks for all those zestful, emotional and gloomy moments as it turned me bolder and stronger.”

“2011, you have been amazing. And equally cruel as well. But I’d like to believe it was all for me to learn.”


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