Still Without You

He distinctly remembers that summer night. They were enchanted by the glorifying beauty of the scintillating TAJ. It was a full moon night. There was love and sanctity in their eyes, a betide promise to stand for each other – no matter what. The serene ambiance was probably eavesdropping on them. Everything seemed so perfect when they hold each other’s hand and
vowed to be together.

“We will be together,
No matter what,
When inclement turns weather,
When times are tough,
We will be together,
No matter what.”

Now, after more than a year has rolled by, its the same day. The atmosphere is still placid, but there is a silence of loneliness. The wind wafting through the still water. But tonight, he is all alone. Tears are dripping down his blue eyes. The moon has refused to reflect the rays of the sun.
Darkness has engulfed all his happiness & smile, still, he manages to say,

“The only thing that has not changed yet is – my love for you. Steadfast, it is and it will be more profound with the passage of time. Irrespective of all the hurt inside me. I believe we will be together someday. May somewhere in the other world I’ll still be waiting for you…”

He turns his gloomy face towards sky and whispers,

“You forgot that promise,
Leaving me totally astonish,
Sky is dark & I’m without you,
Fighting from loneliness
To survive through,
In a hope to someday meet you


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