Life It Is

Few thing just happen in life without our realization. We don’t think about its good or bad attributes but just love the way it is. The best example to this will be our life itself. It just has happened. Despite the fact that we humans are mortal we are in love with life and the materialistic world. That’s ironic about life.

Do we love our life? Of course, we all do and the answer to this question will a big YES. But what if I ask a question like – Are you satisfied with your life? Now an eerie silence inadvertently occupies our surrounding. No one has ever been perfectly content with his proceedings in any field. When I had toffees I wished for chocolates, now that I have chocolate I need Bournville. Our desires keep building up as we move through the path of life.
And to some extent it is these desires which keeps us going all through. Though this path is full of twists and turns, sometimes smooth while at the other paved with sharp stones. I just the way it is. It throws challenges at me, i accept them, i conquer & i smile. Still, deep down my heart i never had chosen that rough path for me. Manier times i fail so i cry, cry harsh but then i stand up and move on in a hope that possibly a smile is waiting for me at the next turn. My optimistic eyes see a distant smooth road. That’s why I just love my life and this love has just happened.


4 thoughts on “Life It Is”

  1. I read all your posts, so amazing it is. And I feel it is the time for you to recognise the writer within you. BY the by, you would have forgotten me, long back you visited my blog, “” and gave good words about my novel. On that I told you that I will send you a copy when it gets published and if you can give me your address, I can ship it to you. I found hard to seek u in fb. If u r there in it here is my…:D:D:D best wishes for you


    1. Thanks Krishna. It feels happy to know that you read all the posts & dropped your comment. This is really a motivation for me. 🙂
      Sounds awesome that your novel is published. I hope it to be enjoyed and loved by readers. Excitement already has started flowing through my veins. Going to add you on facebook and will give my address there… Best wishes to you too…..


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