Motivation Mantra

There’s always a motivational factor concealed behind a person’s achievement that always gears him up towards his goal. So whenever you feel like getting deflected from your path, just pause for a fraction of time, close your eyelids and remember the driving force that thrust you. Just recall all the reasons; Why you want it so badly? Why is it so important to you? There will always be some dumb fountains telling you that you ain’t that good at it and you just can’t get there. All you need to do is stay calm & ignore such sick ass buffoons. Avoid negative vibes and be positive throughout.

Believe in yourself and walk through your destiny. Do it because you are the best & prove it. Do it because nobody believed you can. Do it because you have only one life to get there. Do it for sake of your DREAMS. Do it for YOURSELF. And yeah, Don’t ever give EXCUSES.

…i’m not a motivational speaker, nor i am a retarded man (as you all must be thinking about me). I’m just an insomniac kid sharing up the views encircling my mind midst of night.


5 thoughts on “Motivation Mantra”

  1. Good efforts Rohit.The post is quite enlightening and interesting for all the readers.
    I would like to quote something to your last words…”The only way of finding the limits
    of the POSSIBLE is by going beyond them into the IMPOSSIBLE…”
    Coz..gud thoughts shud not be bounded by age…!
    Keep Writing nd Gud Luck.


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