What are we living for?

“No gain is too big,
No loss is too huge.”

So what’s your life worth?
Nothing or Everything.

Ever since I have seen the promotional video of the new season of ‘Roadies’, my mind inadvertently chants this dialogue. Feels like it has been engraved on my mind. So yesternight I decided to face these rantings with a cool head. I finally gathered enough courage to sit and confront myself – my conscience.

Well, I believe everyone should spare some time out from the hassles of life and ponder upon the condition of his/her life. It helps a person to grow mentally, towards responsibilities and attain maturity.

Most of us are trudging through life without any specific motive. We just float over the flow of time. Blame destiny for every failure and pat luck for a good time.

Let’s start from the beginning. We all grow up going school every day following the same routine. After school, there are few of us who grab accolades, where most of us strive to get admitted at a reputed institution. After that, there is a struggle for a job. Then marriage, kids until old age. I mean where is the time to live? There are many lucky ones who manage gala time with friends, have fights & foes. And there are ones having a girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), love, relationship and everything a perfect Bollywood masala movie can have.

We laugh,
We cry,
We live,
We die,
But we often forget something,
An urge to smile,
A smile which can add wing,
To you,
During toughest of your times,
And in all your rhymes.

But is this all we live for? What is the actual meaning of life? Are you content with your proceedings? Where you see yourself in next few years?

The answer to all these questions is within your own self. Sit in quiet and just think about you and your life. Live for a cause.


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