No Promises

The huge nebulose of agony hover over his swollen heart. Besides the wafting breeze, the chattering of leaves is the only sound that tears up the eerie silence. The silence between two hearts, beneath which a million thoughts are buried. The moon slides himself somewhere behind clouds leaving darkness to prosper. It’s tough to witness the outburst of a lad’s emotions. Tears were rolling from his eyes as he knelt down. Drenched into the melancholy of his beloved he put the wilted rose over the corpse. Darkness has now completely covered the placid ambiance. Moon pretend to act ignorant by continuously being involved in hide & seek game. The corpse soaked every teardrop draining off his gloomy eyes. It apparently reminded him the way she cared for him. Night creatures have started to brood over atmosphere, making it more intense. But his mind is still choked by shackles of memories past. The pain in his heart grew fonder with each passing arcminute. He retrospected over the past. Regret is the worst thing a person lives with. It eats up the ability to introspect.

Suddenly the clouds started thundering, the gentle breeze transformed into a hailstorm. The pouring rain mixed with his tears apparently diluting the magnitude of salinity in his eyes. Bliss takes over the forlorn face as he unfolds the memories of his mind. The earth swallowed all the tears that the sky cried. His thoughts start roaming around his heart, looking for a place where all those memories are still fresh. There is a place in the human heart which acts as a preservant for all happy and sad times.

His subconscious drifted to the time they first met. The time when happiness dawned over him.


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