Homeward Bound

There were days when I used to cry when I was lost in the crowd streaming away from my parents in the market. The time when i used to fight with my sister for silly reasons.
And now that i have grown up, i have to leave (willingly or unwillingly I don’t know) so that after few year I can see some tears of joy in their hopeful eyes & make them feel proud. I wish i could just have a few more holidays just to sit & laugh for the same reason. You kind of grow up with time as you learn about responsibility. End of vacations; last dat at home. Don’t know when i’ll return. But that’s life, enjoying every moment as it comes in small packets. Feeling a strong urge to sleep now. Even a nap at home refreshens you but a whole night sleep away doesn’t. Anticipating that they will wake me up on time for they would love to see me embracing my dreams in reality.
And suddenly i heard a knock at the door.
“Knock kock…!!! Wake Up beta, its 6 o’ clock.”
Oh wait.., Am i still sleeping or I wrote all this in reality?
Let me open the door to find out.


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