For Sake Of Dream

Before starting up with this post, I request you to meditate on your target in life. What you really want and expect from life? Think about this for a minute and read on.

I think it was quite tough for you to concentrate on a single thing. Isn’t it? It happens.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep.”

There are many illusion in the world that fascinate a person and as you move ahead on the track of life, it no longer remains easy to ignore them.

Our goals are really very precious. We often get so much involved in the comfort (or discomfort) of life that our goal is sidelined. Once we become sad, we lose all our hope and start waiting for the ‘right time’ to enact for achieving our aim. This is the time when we gradually drift away from our goal. By the time we transit to the state of ‘good mood’ we are swayed so far that it becomes very difficult to get familiar with our dream again. You may have heard, communication gap ends a relation. Right? The same is applicable to our dreams also. The zeal and enthusiasm you have to conquer your target slowly decrease once you stop thinking and start enacting. Give your time to your dream and you will achieve it in time.

Don’t neglect your dream: you will feel isolated.

There are days when one is extremely gloomy or tensed, what to do during one such day? It is very simple. Don’t panic or behave like you are not for this world. Losers do that. Be calm and quiet and introspect at a place away from any disturbance. Ask questions to yourself, seek honest answers, accept what is true, try to improvise what went wrong and let go other issues.

You cannot step toward a better tomorrow if you stop at a place today. Happiness & sadness are phases, enjoy them and not forget your motive. No matter how adverse the scenario is, keep in touch with your dreams for they will be lost into the abyss of negligence.


2 thoughts on “For Sake Of Dream”

  1. I think it is my gladness that I read this blog post today It made my day … wise thoughts penned with introspection and experience I suppose… I will read it whenever I feel that I am running away from my dreams…I can relate it so easily to me that often I was involvd in comfort or discomfort of my life..that my goal is sidelined..nicely written


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