A Shower Of Happiness

As he woke up from siesta, he sensed sound waves falling on his ears. He turned around and noticed that the weather has changed during past few hours. The tiny droplets were striking the window pane as if a painter is stroking yet another masterpiece on glass. He just imagined how beautiful the painting would be if only these droplets carry vibrant colors. The mesmerizing atmosphere compelled him to fall into a virtual sleep. He was now lost into the world of dream & imagination.

In his escapade, he saw a child playing and dancing in the mud without an absolute care of being assailed by cold or viral. It was raining cats & dogs. The child was juvenile and inviting his friend whose mother has yet not allowed the child to go out in the pouring rain.

“Childhood days are the days one can cherish the most,” he thought.

“Perhaps the kid’s mother also wanted to enjoy the first rain and sing but she had to curb her wishes now. As we age, we act so much serious and responsible that the silly things that make us smile are left behind,” his thought process continued.
Children laughing on every stupid incident reminded him the importance of ‘small happiness’ for which people has assigned the term ‘stupidity’.

“Happiness is a rain that can only fall on us when the sky is covered with intense clouds. And as soon as the rain of happiness pours down, visibility in our ambiance increases by setting down of dust. It brings the rainbow of joy and you can see the clear sky,” his mind reflected.

A thundercloud brought him back to reality. He had missed all this during past few years. Apparently, he was seeking his own lost self in the kid. Life without rain of happiness becomes a drought-affected land, you cannot grow anything at such place. An adrenaline rush pushed him to go out and get drenched. He played on the ground. He faced towards sky such that the droplets fall over the maximum surface area of his body. Then he closed the eyes and let his body imbibe happiness showering from the sky.


2 thoughts on “A Shower Of Happiness”

  1. Happiness is a gentle rain bestowed everywhere equall under this blue sky..
    whenever sorrows come it come only as an option because happiness will be dancing at a few distance asking in its coquettish gesture..”Wont you accompany me…”this post made me to remind something that I wrote before..
    Lovely and once again nicely written…this seems to be a random chapter for ur forthcoming novel..all t best


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