Of Course, I Love You… Till I Find Someone Better

Book Name – Of Course, I Love You… Till I Find Someone Better
Author – Durjoy Datta, Maanvi Ahuja
Type – Indian Fiction
ISBN – 978-81-922226-0-8

Story In Short:

Starting up with the first chapter, I felt as if I am reading a part of those magazines sold at stalls at railway stations in which they have printed you cheap sex stories. Debashish, the protagonist is a sex-famished playboy. He keeps swinging from one relationship to another in search of the better breast to feed and a girl who could shed herself without being asked to do so. Love for him was to make out on every third page (on an average) of the novel until he meets Avantika. He feels that this time he has fallen in love for real, so he dumps his existing girlfriend Smirti. To balance up the situation, Avantika also keeps befooling her existing boyfriend Shawar. While the making out/nights outs between them progress the story. Also, Deb has no job in his hand & is debarred from attending any further interviews. Things turn up quickly as Avantika decides to leave Deb. She did not want to hurt him. Consequently, Deb is pushed into a depression. What happens next? Does she come back is a suspense that I won’t unfold.

Positives :

Durjoy Datta & Maanvi Ahuja has aptly described present generation’s way of thinking about a relationship. The contrast between love & lust is also shown in the book very well. The prompt & witty dialogues.

Negatives :

Too much erotic element have been put into the story. There are so many ‘getting-too-close-to-it’ scenes. This frustrated me and made it boring.

My Rating: 2.75 stars


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