Little Observation & Learning

Mentally I was exhausted. All energy extracted from the ‘dilli-cious’ food I swallowed last night was drained up. I used the word ‘Swallowed’ because that’s what happen while multitasking. You don’t taste food, you swallow it. My eyes were protruding out trying to feel the softness of the eyelashes. So to freshen myself up I decided to go upstairs. It’s been four hours at a stretch ‘on-desk.’Entire of my strength was absorbed by the ‘Strength Of Materials’ – the subject I was studying.

Moving on to the terrace, the evening is the time when one can find the most number of boys holding their cheek with the hand giving a puppy-like expression. As if someone has slapped them staright below ears. I felt pity on them. Oh! wait… they are on a phone line with their respective girlfriend. Sincere puppies. Nodding their head every now & then. Sympathy to them.

I started swinging like a pendulam between the confined boundaries of terrace. My eyes saw a wave falling over my ear. No, just kidding. I didn’t actually saw the waves but sensed it. These waves were of different intensity, each carrying a different message. I tried to filter those out & recognised a “bhajan” being played at loudspeaker of a distant temple. Perhaps these religious waves had escaped from the hustle & bustle of city end.
Again my brain refined those waves and this time I was tuned to the frequency of sound waves coming from a mosque situated nearby the temple. It was the time to offer “namaaz.”

On analysing more I heard various other sounds & many birds returing to their home. Then I turned toward those so called ‘love birds,’ they too have started to get back in their domain. They were now charging up the conversation and perhaps they have exchanged the role of puppy. I suppose, it was now the girls turn to act the same.

I turned towards the sky. Noticed a texture of a smiling face among clouds, some free birds then I came back ‘on-desk.’

The Learning

  1. We always rate things as noise or garbage without observing the beauty they carry with them.
  2. No matter how secular you are, sound representing your religion will be recognised by your ears first & frequently.

Funny Side

  1. If your tooth pains, hold your cheek as if you are holding a cellphone and are engaged in a serious dicussion over a non-serious issue.
  2.  Do not read for four hours continously. Have due breaks inbetween.

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