Sadness – An Inspiration

Sadness, a mere glimpse of this word shudders our heart. Just an imagination of what a sad day would be like sends a thrill to our spine. The fact is no one wants to be sad and nobody like gloom. Parallel to this fact, there prevails another fact that sadness is an inevitable event just as any other emotion (or loose e-motion).

What do we do when we are into an adverse circumstance? We either fight it out or one may just ignore it and keep moving in his very own rhythm. But gloom or sadness is something that keeps knocking at your door at regular intervals and prods you. So it becomes quite tough to ignore it. Now, the only way left is to tackle the same.

While everyone loathes gloom, I found some reasons that made of fall in love with the melancholy in my heart and mind. No, I haven’t become an alcoholic who grabs a bottle of alcohol and start chanting sentimental dialogues. Moreover, an alcohol addict apparently starts to love or hate something without a reason, but I have a reason for my love towards the sad part of life’s journey. Ironically, my love is genuine and a bit selfish to some extent. The sad phase of my life reminds me that there is a lot to do with life, to make it better, to take it to a firmament where rays of hope fall on me earlier than they wrap rest of earth. Though it is accompanied by a plethora of tears but this relaxes my eyes to dream of a better tomorrow. Perhaps, sadness is the best motivation I can have in my life so how can detach myself from this source of motivation. Continuous happiness makes us too comfortable and fills us with sloth. Sadness obliterates every wrong way on which we have deflected and it bring us back to the right path of life.


One thought on “Sadness – An Inspiration”

  1. what i liked most is the ending part..yes, sadness is the darkness that is sometimes needed when we have to find or appreciate the light within ourselves…if sadness could remain as motivation then i will remain happy to be sad..coz through sadness i will motivate myself and move on..:)


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