Life – Twist & Turns

What I thought would be a pleasant walk has apparently turned out to be a race. The fact that this is just a beginning has put me into a dilemma. I can’t even quit. Nor I am unable to make a strong resolve to keep moving in this micro-marathon, no matter what. It’s a race, and too with hurdles popping out every now & then. That’s unfair, it should have better been a 100m sprint where all you have to do is a single effort, win it, stand on the podium, and wave hand with a medal.

But distorting all my fantasy, the smooth paved road suddenly turned into a race track. It has been devised and designed to check all my endurance & capabilities. A combination of all possible race course, with sharp turns & long run.

If only I already knew about this, I have been well prepared or not chosen this path at all. But this is how it goes ever since the universe came into existence. Life never reveals its cards. You never have any advantage over your opponent, nor does your opponent has any over you. This path is yet another twist for him, just as it is for you. So keep moving, if not on the podium, you shall still reach a beautiful place.

If the adverse situation could be foreseen, tough times would be spent singing a verse. But that verse is a mere imagination.


One thought on “Life – Twist & Turns”

  1. this reminds me of the my favortie dialogue of titanic…i figured out life is a gift and i dont intend on to waste it..we never know what is the next hand we are going to deal with we have to accept it as it comes to make the each day count…


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