From The Railway Station.

Been traveling during past 5 hours, leaving behind the darkest of night chasing a bright dawn. The journey is still incomplete. Still there are miles to go and still some time left before the sun will come out of horizon. But surprisingly, even at this hour, this place is so full of life. This reminds that, for those who have a dream in their eyes nights doesn’t mean a pause to life.

There would probably be no human existence if the Earth come to a halt. Many people complain that their life has become meaningless. They are not able to enjoy as much as they used to once. This is because their efforts for a better life have come to a halt. A stagnated water stinks. The train never stops till it reaches its destination. Though it gets late at times or rather most of the time. But that doesn’t mean it will alter its destination and with that single goal ahead it moves on.

…and do you remember what your parents used to say before a journey? Don’t eat something given by a stranger. So, when you are on a path to realize your dreams, just don’t take any shit from people who don’t know what your struggle is all about. Don’t care about them.


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