Dichotomy of Choices

To be the kite and float through the air or to be the one holding its string. Life is all about the dichotomy of choices. It is these choices that shape our destiny. And really, it’s very tough to choose one when you have several other alternatives. Those alternatives seem to you superior or maybe inferior compared to the one you have opted for. Every other thing looks pretty much better than that you own. This is how life is and this is how human nature is. It is at this point that your thoughts break apart into a dilemma. Subsequently, you start doubting yourself. You are confused that whether you were fair to yourself or not. That is the time you lose it all.

You got to understand one simple concept. You, me or rather anyone cannot do more than one thing efficiently at a single time. So you must have a one to one approach towards the challenges and your choices. Take up one task, complete it and move on over to another.There is no point in pondering over what else could have been done, it’s about what else can you still do to make the simplest of thing stand out. There are plenty of options available in the world. But you got to believe in your option. You got to have faith in your option and then nothing else will bother you and you would escape all illusions created by your brain. You would truly be unstoppable.


One thought on “Dichotomy of Choices”

  1. Your post reminded me of my situation. The dilemma I was going through. Whether to continue my studies or to say yes to the offee letter… and finally I had to choose one. It was hard for me not to choose M.sc, even when I had cracked IISC entrance in one shot. But yea, it depends on AIR which was too poor. So, I moved on here to the company. And I am loving it. 🙂
    I have composed a poem based on this incident of my life. Poem titled- The Dilemma.


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