The Bigger Picture

The political scenario in our country had a metamorphosis during past year. The impact of AAPrising in the national capital and the so-called Modi Wave across the nation was such that if engaged everyone in politics. Apparently, there were only two types of people existed: those who were frustrated from congress and those who felt NaMo mantra can be their savior. Religious Indians started chanting NaMo mantra as told by media Pandits. But suddenly out of nowhere a leader came who dared to challenge old age beliefs and customs. Now some people started following the new leader. But as the circumstances put it, a point came when people lost faith in the new leader as the new leader challenged their god. They felt betrayed and went back to the old leader to be their savior. But amongst all this, the new leader tried to convince people and explain reasons behind each of his decision but you can’t convince someone who has already lost faith in you.

The new leader might have his own reasons but here I am trying to explain what I felt about his decision.

Since you all have understood by now that the new leader I am referring to is Mr. Kejriwal so I shall put my points straight forward.

The only reason I feel Mr. Kejriwal decided to contest Lok Sabha election was that he did not want to lose momentum. He didn’t want AAP to be just another state party confined to Delhi and nearby states. This election was a goo opportunity for the party to gain recognition at national level. They probably took this election to sow seeds in all states and, who knows, its harvest they will procure after few years.

Regarding Delhi, well the government had to fall anyway. So why not sooner than later.


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