River Valley To Silicon Valley


River Valley To Silicon Valley is an autobiographical account of IFS officer Abhay Kumar. It is the story of his journey from the bank of river Paimar in Bihar to being a civil services officer with many inspiring intermediate stops. A motivational story that describes how India has transformed over the past decades.

The only thing that I would say regarding this book is that everyone preparing for any competitive exam must read this book to boost up his/her enthusiasm. I picked up this book just a day before my semester exam and was glued to it until I completed it. The result is that I am high on adrenaline and am prepared to face any obstacle or challenge thrown up at me.

I would like to quote few lines from the book:

“Focus is vital in life for the goals one want to achieve. My belief is that one can achieve anything in this universe if one really wants it and believes in it. When one tries putting one’s heart and mind together, all forces of this universe helps him to achieve that goal.”


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