Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

IPL 7 came to an end with the Knight Riders lifting up the trophy for the second time. I was joyous as I have been supporting the team since season one, the days when KKR used to be at the bottom of the charts. At the same time, I felt sad for Preity Zinta and the Kings XI. They had played great cricket in this season. But such is the game of cricket it all depends on how one performed on the given day.

SRK was elated and performance cartwheel and somersault after the match. Besides, he said something that really inspired me and it goes like this:

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else is believing in you. You might fall at times but sooner or later you will certainly win.”

That explains all the team and the owner has gone through after failing during the first four seasons of the game. The time when every other person was pointing out flaws in the team and that SRK doesn’t know how to manage the team. The team was in the spotlight and their every move was criticized. From the multi-captain theory to the dropping up of Ganguly to the ill-omens associated with team’s dress and logo, it was all pointed as contributing to their successive fall.

But then SRK was resolute and decided to rebuild a team. He avoided being in limelight. He put his faith on his players and the coaches. As he says that he never scolds any team member and talk to all of them politely. It worked out well and they emerged as a winner in 2012. And here they are again winners of season 7 of Indian Premier League in 2014.

Thus, it tells me that at whatever stage of battle you are don’t loose hope. You might be a beginner or might have been suffering successive failure, wherever you are just keep calm improve yourself and keep trying. As it is said, “If you want something so badly the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.” You don’t realize but with each defeat, you are inching closer towards success and perfection. Remember, no matter how hard you try you cannot succeed in a single day. Winning and Losing is a process where a win is a final state. Until you go through the entire process you cannot win. So keep working hard no matter what people say. Improve yourself each day and you will be there soon. The glory will be yours.


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