P1 – Love For Life

Good Morning Everyone!

How do I look today?

***audience response***

I just wanted to know whether I am hot enough to melt the ice. From my home state also known as ABC – the land of dreams to the land of odds PQR, life has been quite eventful. And in coming few minutes I am going to live the moments all over again.

I consider myself the manifestation of the Darwin’s theory of evolution. And no, I am not talking about physical characteristics of mine. From a shy boy to the most talkative guy in my batch. Looking through the prism of time I see many shades in my persona. But among all the shades the color of love is the brightest of all. Life, for me, has been about finding love. Love that leaves you sleepless.

I don’t remember when but I fell in love early in my life. And my first love was Cricket. Back then, to be a cricketer was my only aspiration. Playing in my neighborhood till sunset was my routine. To realize my love I joined a cricket academy in class 8th. I tell you, the application form was no less than a love letter for me. But like most first love, this one again was not rosy as it appears. Soon I realized that pursuing cricket as a career is not plausible. This led to the first break-up of my life.

I got admission in a new school in class 9th. The famous guy in old school had become just another face in the crowd. I was clueless what and how to study. All stories are incomplete without the mention of expectations. I too had one such. As per popular notion – board exams are supposed to be unpredictable. So at the time of 10th board results I thought, maybe because of some magic I would end up scoring at least 90% and will be one of the toppers. The results were announced and I ended up scoring 80%. My parents were happy but I cried. I realized that in life you get only what you deserve and not what you expect. I realized that efforts are better than expectations.

It was the board exam season again in class 12th. Again I was clueless about what and how to study. During physics viva for half yearly exam I was unable to answer simplest of the questions. My theory marks were 52 out of 300. Thereafter I studied hard and ended up scoring again 80%. This time I was very much satisfied with my efforts.

Amidst all this, I fell in love twice. My second love was my love for the English language. It was my English teacher in class 10th who introduced me to beauty of the language. The way he used to teach, his voice modulations, his vocabulary were fascinating. I used to read comic books, but now I was reading English literature book twice and thrice. If winter comes can spring be far behind. I still remember quotes from The Ode to The West Wind, Julius Caesar, The Christmas Carol – chapters of my high school book. I am happy that my love for the language has endured with the passage of time.

After 12th I went to another city for graduation. The city where the revolution had started. Well, a revolution had started in my life too. I had fallen in love again. This time with studies. Studying through the night used to be a common ritual in our hostel. I studied hard and ended up being the highest scorer in the university in the second year. I also participated in so many events in college. I was Mr Fresher’s, participated in debates, wrote poetry, acted in dramatics, hosted events and organised fests. Participating in these events helped me understand that life is not about winning or loses. We are all winner when we perform to the best of our abilities.

There are some love stories that are written in stars. My love for public speaking is perhaps one such. I didn’t use to speak much till graduation but something magical happened since the day I received my first interview call. I often tell my friends that the best thing about this organization is that I can interact with at least one new person every day.

Few stories are meant to be left incomplete. So I would prefer leaving the stage here, not because I am short of words but because I’m still young and I’m going to fall in love over and over again.

Thank You. Have a nice day.


One thought on “P1 – Love For Life”

  1. Ohh.. I missed your speech!
    It is truly touching. I liked the way you wove a story of love and break-up. Perhaps, the best way to make us understand. 😛
    From beginning to the conclusion.. nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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