The Bhasmasur Moment of Indian IT Industry

Many of us would have some or the other story of a bane turning into a boon during our childhood. Blessing in disguise and other such phrases become an integral part of our existence. We soon start believing in the world of magic that everything will turn out well with the passage of time. We look for goodness in act of treachery.

Have we ever wondered the same saga works the other way round as well? Have we ever given a thought to what happens when what you considered to be an act of kindness works against you? This holds true in the case of the crisis of the Indian IT industry. The industry which used to boast of employing the majority of the workforce of the nation is on the verge of an existential crisis – mentioned as the Kodak moment [1] of the Indian IT industry.

This was impending since a long time and we all saw it coming but thanks to our over-optimistic conscience we didn’t pay heed to it.  It was the software that provided millions of job to the so-called unskilled youth. The companies imparted skills to the graduates which our education system failed to provide. The graduates used these skills to leverage the software industry which ultimately rose to new heights, so and so that it made its creators redundant. How ironic! Does it rings the bell in your mind? This, though a reality, can be a perfect plot for a Sci-Fi movie where your creation becomes so potent that it becomes a threat to your own existence. I leave it up to you to determine who is at fault here – the engineers or the industry itself. But I am sure one of them turned out to be the ‘bhasmasur’ which basked in the glory of having a boon for long only to ultimately make itself irrelevant.

References –

[1] Why this is Indian IT industry’s Kodak Moment

Additional Reads –

[2] Slowdown in Software Central


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