Songs and Poems

No matter how weird the two may sound together but it is undeniable that these are mutually exhaustive. Each event in the journey of our life is associated with some or the other song. The numerous address of innumerous memories are captured and mapped to the one special song. As soon as you hear the tone of that song the door of memories is suddenly opened and you are surrounded by the fragrance of the moments lived long ago. A fragrance which is so fresh and so pure as if it was preserved for this day only.

In today’s time, when poems are almost out fashioned, how about considering each song as a poem? How about finding out the subtle nuances that the writer/poet had thought of while writing that one single line? How about connecting to each song as if it was written for a specific purpose? It maybe these subtleties that make the song easily resonate with our thoughts. Maybe that is the reason some lyric stick to our mind so much that we listen to the entire song all over again just to listen that one single line. We can perhaps now go a step ahead and think of the different meaning the lyrics convey each time we listen to the song and add another layer of preservative to our memories.


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