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Decision Making




With great power also comes great responsibility. Once Spiderman understood that he went on to achieve laurels. Whereas, most of us are trapped inside the cobwebs of complexities that being in the authoritative position we are bestowed with.

There comes a time when we are not in a position to decipher which side of the game we are supposed to be. This especially happens when we are at the helm of that particular role for the first time. We,  the leaders, are hesitant and seek the opinion of our team when the matter at hand is all gray. The team might provide you with various solutions and suggestions. But of what use all the suggestions in this world are if they are not put to any fruitful use. We seem to give control of decision making partially in their hand.

The best leader, at such instance, would trust himself and stay calm. He would, of course, take suggestions from all, however, these suggestions would only be an assistance to improve the execution of his decision and not act as an impediment to the decision making itself.

It is never about what you could have done but about what you managed to do.