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Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

IPL 7 came to an end with the Knight Riders lifting up the trophy for the second time. I was joyous as I have been supporting the team since season one, the days when KKR used to be at the bottom of the charts. At the same time, I felt sad for Preity Zinta and the Kings XI. They had played great cricket in this season. But such is the game of cricket it all depends on how one performed on the given day.

SRK was elated and performance cartwheel and somersault after the match. Besides, he said something that really inspired me and it goes like this:

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else is believing in you. You might fall at times but sooner or later you will certainly win.”

That explains all the team and the owner has gone through after failing during the first four seasons of the game. The time when every other person was pointing out flaws in the team and that SRK doesn’t know how to manage the team. The team was in the spotlight and their every move was criticized. From the multi-captain theory to the dropping up of Ganguly to the ill-omens associated with team’s dress and logo, it was all pointed as contributing to their successive fall.

But then SRK was resolute and decided to rebuild a team. He avoided being in limelight. He put his faith on his players and the coaches. As he says that he never scolds any team member and talk to all of them politely. It worked out well and they emerged as a winner in 2012. And here they are again winners of season 7 of Indian Premier League in 2014.

Thus, it tells me that at whatever stage of battle you are don’t loose hope. You might be a beginner or might have been suffering successive failure, wherever you are just keep calm improve yourself and keep trying. As it is said, “If you want something so badly the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.” You don’t realize but with each defeat, you are inching closer towards success and perfection. Remember, no matter how hard you try you cannot succeed in a single day. Winning and Losing is a process where a win is a final state. Until you go through the entire process you cannot win. So keep working hard no matter what people say. Improve yourself each day and you will be there soon. The glory will be yours.

From The Railway Station.

Been traveling during past 5 hours, leaving behind the darkest of night chasing a bright dawn. The journey is still incomplete. Still there are miles to go and still some time left before the sun will come out of horizon. But surprisingly, even at this hour, this place is so full of life. This reminds that, for those who have a dream in their eyes nights doesn’t mean a pause to life.

There would probably be no human existence if the Earth come to a halt. Many people complain that their life has become meaningless. They are not able to enjoy as much as they used to once. This is because their efforts for a better life have come to a halt. A stagnated water stinks. The train never stops till it reaches its destination. Though it gets late at times or rather most of the time. But that doesn’t mean it will alter its destination and with that single goal ahead it moves on.

…and do you remember what your parents used to say before a journey? Don’t eat something given by a stranger. So, when you are on a path to realize your dreams, just don’t take any shit from people who don’t know what your struggle is all about. Don’t care about them.

Little Observation & Learning

Mentally I was exhausted. All energy extracted from the ‘dilli-cious’ food I swallowed last night was drained up. I used the word ‘Swallowed’ because that’s what happen while multitasking. You don’t taste food, you swallow it. My eyes were protruding out trying to feel the softness of the eyelashes. So to freshen myself up I decided to go upstairs. It’s been four hours at a stretch ‘on-desk.’Entire of my strength was absorbed by the ‘Strength Of Materials’ – the subject I was studying.

Moving on to the terrace, the evening is the time when one can find the most number of boys holding their cheek with the hand giving a puppy-like expression. As if someone has slapped them staright below ears. I felt pity on them. Oh! wait… they are on a phone line with their respective girlfriend. Sincere puppies. Nodding their head every now & then. Sympathy to them.

I started swinging like a pendulam between the confined boundaries of terrace. My eyes saw a wave falling over my ear. No, just kidding. I didn’t actually saw the waves but sensed it. These waves were of different intensity, each carrying a different message. I tried to filter those out & recognised a “bhajan” being played at loudspeaker of a distant temple. Perhaps these religious waves had escaped from the hustle & bustle of city end.
Again my brain refined those waves and this time I was tuned to the frequency of sound waves coming from a mosque situated nearby the temple. It was the time to offer “namaaz.”

On analysing more I heard various other sounds & many birds returing to their home. Then I turned toward those so called ‘love birds,’ they too have started to get back in their domain. They were now charging up the conversation and perhaps they have exchanged the role of puppy. I suppose, it was now the girls turn to act the same.

I turned towards the sky. Noticed a texture of a smiling face among clouds, some free birds then I came back ‘on-desk.’

The Learning

  1. We always rate things as noise or garbage without observing the beauty they carry with them.
  2. No matter how secular you are, sound representing your religion will be recognised by your ears first & frequently.

Funny Side

  1. If your tooth pains, hold your cheek as if you are holding a cellphone and are engaged in a serious dicussion over a non-serious issue.
  2.  Do not read for four hours continously. Have due breaks inbetween.

Rs 50k Are Lighter In Weight Than Plethora Of Document

Incident 1:

A few days ago, I updated a status on my facebook account regarding Anna Hazare’s anashan. It got few likes, people seldom comment on such update. One day past, a friend of mine gathered courage or may be dared to comment on the ‘uncommon status update’ of mine.
“Anna wanna tumhare kaam ni aane wale. These things won’t get a job for you. Concentrate on your life & studies” was what he commented. I was aghast, how can he mention a sensitive issue (Anna’s anashan against corruption) as ‘these things.’ As if this doesn’t matter and affect him in any way. And by the way, why am I studying? To be another successor in the number of corrupt people or to be aware of my rights and raise a voice against it?

Incident  2:

It’s always soothing to visit a ‘small town’ away from hustle and bustle of metro cities. Since I hail from one such place and farming is something my family earns a living from, my parents often talk about our fields and crops. During one such conversation, my father said that we have to pay Rs. 50,000 as ‘Jebkharch’ (bribe) to a senior government official in the electic supply department. If want to grow a healthy crop, we need a new electricity connection at our farm for irrigation by tubewell/borewell.

As my ears heard this, my heart responded to it by pumping blood through my veins at a much higher rate. “Why would we pay our hard earned money to him. He even gets a salary from the government to serve us. Why don’t anyone complain about him?” I retorted.
“So you want to bring a change? But it is not as easy as it seems, son. We, the common man are supposed to bribe them to get our work done on time. Else we shall be running from pillar to post carrying a plethora of kaagzaat (documents) & wait till zillion years to get it verified/signed. And you know, till then you shall be trapped into a number of ‘formalities’ that a government work has. Though we live in the era of e-mail & internet, but government correspondence is still done by chithhi-patri (letters).So Rs 50000 sometime seem much lighter in weight as compared to these official documents.” my father replied abruptly.


I felt a strong urge to reply in both the cases but I kept quiet. After all, this is how everything goes in our country. To some extent, we have accepted it as an integral part of our life, and have also imbibed a fraction of corruption in us. We remain quiet & accept it – thinking that why should we bother so much when everyone around us is living with it. Those who decide to raise their voice are nibbed or their voice crawls unheard.

It’s my country. Who will care for it if I don’t?

What are we living for?

“No gain is too big,
No loss is too huge.”

So what’s your life worth?
Nothing or Everything.

Ever since I have seen the promotional video of the new season of ‘Roadies’, my mind inadvertently chants this dialogue. Feels like it has been engraved on my mind. So yesternight I decided to face these rantings with a cool head. I finally gathered enough courage to sit and confront myself – my conscience.

Well, I believe everyone should spare some time out from the hassles of life and ponder upon the condition of his/her life. It helps a person to grow mentally, towards responsibilities and attain maturity.

Most of us are trudging through life without any specific motive. We just float over the flow of time. Blame destiny for every failure and pat luck for a good time.

Let’s start from the beginning. We all grow up going school every day following the same routine. After school, there are few of us who grab accolades, where most of us strive to get admitted at a reputed institution. After that, there is a struggle for a job. Then marriage, kids until old age. I mean where is the time to live? There are many lucky ones who manage gala time with friends, have fights & foes. And there are ones having a girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), love, relationship and everything a perfect Bollywood masala movie can have.

We laugh,
We cry,
We live,
We die,
But we often forget something,
An urge to smile,
A smile which can add wing,
To you,
During toughest of your times,
And in all your rhymes.

But is this all we live for? What is the actual meaning of life? Are you content with your proceedings? Where you see yourself in next few years?

The answer to all these questions is within your own self. Sit in quiet and just think about you and your life. Live for a cause.