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I Want To Fly

I want to fly
Beyond all horizons, far away
To a place where stars stay
The winds will take me
Beyond all boundaries
To a new land where hopes stay

I want fly
And fly so high
Beyond the sky
Creating new limits
Inspiring everyone to get by

Today, I just want to fly
And no one can stop me
Cause I won’t listen to any passer by
I don’t want to distract
Keeping this energy intact

I tried
I filed
Here I’m beyond the beyond
More than ever I’ve become strong.

Lone Dreamer Wandering

“A million freaking stars
A zillion sleepless nights
I shall wander
Searching my dream
The ray of hope will render
Fuel for the lantern of this dreamer.

Even if stars start to flicker
I shall be untouched
By all gloom & darkness present around
My confidence shall stand steady
Yes, I am ready
To fight the troubles wraithlike.

Carrying lantern of hope,
Spending sleepless nights.”

I turned towards the sky. All I could see was stars shining & glittering. The radiations of hope & happiness penetrated their way into my vein. And now, nothing matters – neither the clouds nor does the darkness.