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Songs and Poems

No matter how weird the two may sound together but it is undeniable that these are mutually exhaustive. Each event in the journey of our life is associated with some or the other song. The numerous address of innumerous memories are captured and mapped to the one special song. As soon as you hear the tone of that song the door of memories is suddenly opened and you are surrounded by the fragrance of the moments lived long ago. A fragrance which is so fresh and so pure as if it was preserved for this day only.

In today’s time, when poems are almost out fashioned, how about considering each song as a poem? How about finding out the subtle nuances that the writer/poet had thought of while writing that one single line? How about connecting to each song as if it was written for a specific purpose? It maybe these subtleties that make the song easily resonate with our thoughts. Maybe that is the reason some lyric stick to our mind so much that we listen to the entire song all over again just to listen that one single line. We can perhaps now go a step ahead and think of the different meaning the lyrics convey each time we listen to the song and add another layer of preservative to our memories.

The Fraaandship Days – An Ode to Orkut


Once upon a time, there existed a planet in the galaxy of social networking – the planet Orkut. This was a planet whose inhabitants were ‘fraaandship’ addict. In those days, there were very few medium to socialize. Unlike today, when you can easily get a hard on on click of a mouse, finding a mate was much harder. To lure the opposite sex, people used to decorate their profile with stylish fonts, added subtitles to their display names which conveyed subtle messages, flaunted their fraaandly persona in the about me box. There were various designs in the profile created using only text to welcome the visitor.

Those were the days when the number of scraps was considered as popularity meter, the days when your mood determined the theme of your profile. A person’s individuality was largely respected on the planet. It gave you the freedom to be anyone you want without the fear of being judged by a colleague, family or a friend. On, Orkut everyone was equally crazy. People were free to express themselves in whichever way they like. There is a faint memory of a place called testimonials where we sometimes visited.

For amusement, there were communities and forums on planet Orkut. Orkut was everything rolled into one. It existed not for any other reason but for the mutual love of ours for networking. People didn’t use to like or share a bond with each other for generating business. The love on the planet was truly unconditional. People used to put their trust on each other though they did not use to have their mobile number. Though there were some thugs too, and every civilization has had them, but it made the living much more interesting.

The internet had not penetrated the length and breadth back then so we used to ride in the ship of the cyber cafe to land on our paradise. There were no instant buzz or notification so writing a scrap and waiting for hours, days and months for a reply used to be the ritual. Today’s fast moving generation will never be able to feel the magic when you are waiting in love.

But as nothing lasts forever, there came a trouble for this planet’s existence. There is a law in nature that if you are able to adapt yourself according to the events occurring around you, you will survive else you will be called outdated. Orkut failed to do so. It failed to evolve and hence was lost in an abyss. The days of fraaandship were gone. The bond between people was broken and so did their hearts. Some of the inhabitants moved to a budding planet called Facebook. It is imperative of human nature. They keep looking for something new as they get bored of repeatability. But little did they know that king of the planet Facebook was much shrewd and cunning. Initially, it promised to provide better connectivity. People were elated and joyous. But soon, the happiness bubble busted as the king became money minded. With the passage of time emotions lost their value on this planet. It was all business now. People were connected but the bond was missing.

The changes took place so gradually that people didn’t even realize what they have lost. Today, as the generational shift has taken place, most of the people have forgotten what the old days offered. How slavery of peers was injected into our veins? How everything we did became influential? No one remembers anything. Except for a few Orkutiyans,  who still search meaningful scraps in between the crap that is posted on the internet these days.

I know it is tough to go back to rejected things and people. But if they change a bit then we can give them a chance. Someday I shall go back to that planet and do more of fraaandship and blabber about it. To me, Orkut has been like a school going kid who is bright and exciting where Facebook is akin to an employee who is quite professional and formal. Needless to say, I love the child more.


Your journey is not about what you have been, it’s about who you are and what you have, it’s about utilizing your assets to mold your future. Life is nothing but a process of evolution. Our habits, thoughts, expression, beliefs keep evolving as we progress through life. This is something that others call an experience. Experience is the manifestation of growth of intangible aspect of life.


Think for a moment of those million eyes that look up to you to transform their life. They confide you to be their savior. This itself is a propellant to drive you for attaining your goal. Think of it and you will feel all your troubles ostracized, your worries decimated. There will be a paradigm shift making your stronger and confident than ever.


Sometimes people do things that they are not supposed to do. They know that it will have an adverse effect on them but still, they continue with it. It is not because they have become addicted to it. But because it is an easy escape that keeps them engaged and diverts their mind from the bigger problem they are facing.

I Want To Write

I want to write something today. I want to write how I would see this time after few years, once I have accomplished my dreams. I want to write down the depressing time that I had been through. About my courage to still stand up and fight, how I told myself each day that I still can do it. I shall write it all and much more. Just let me refill the ink in my pen.

Perfection Is Non-Existent

If you wait for a perfect moment to live merrily then you would probably have to wait for entire life. Yet you won’t relish any such moment. It’s because of the fact that perfection simply is a hypothetical concept. You can attain the best but you can’t attain perfection. So somehow we need to accommodate living with adversity. To extract the best out of each moment rather than waiting for a picture perfect start. Only then you would truly be enjoying life’s all offerings.

The Omens

There are very few people you will meet in today’s world who will truly care about you. People who will want you to be on the top always. They can’t see you decline and tell you when you are going on a wrong path. Their avuncular attitude injects positivity in you and you feel you can conquer each and every mountain in this world. Whenever you find such people in your life do listen to them. They might be carrying a subtle message to you from God. The omens left by The Almighty on the way to your goals.

On The Road To Success

While moving on the road to your dreams you are supposed to follow your own path. Even when it looks like a long weary road with umpteen ups and downs. You have got to believe in it. It is because as soon as you start getting influenced by others or you start following what others have done, you are unwillingly walking on a road that was never meant for you. This may lead you into utter disappointments and frustration. Once you start believing in yourself everything in the world seems better. You stop bothering about others and that helps you to focus your energy entirely on the task at hand. You don’t need anyone’s opinion as you know where you are heading. Your thoughts are free. You know what matters in your life. You stop wasting your time on mediocre things and start looking at the bigger picture. Everyone has his own way of doing things. Stand out and make a mark.

Dichotomy of Choices

To be the kite and float through the air or to be the one holding its string. Life is all about the dichotomy of choices. It is these choices that shape our destiny. And really, it’s very tough to choose one when you have several other alternatives. Those alternatives seem to you superior or maybe inferior compared to the one you have opted for. Every other thing looks pretty much better than that you own. This is how life is and this is how human nature is. It is at this point that your thoughts break apart into a dilemma. Subsequently, you start doubting yourself. You are confused that whether you were fair to yourself or not. That is the time you lose it all.

You got to understand one simple concept. You, me or rather anyone cannot do more than one thing efficiently at a single time. So you must have a one to one approach towards the challenges and your choices. Take up one task, complete it and move on over to another.There is no point in pondering over what else could have been done, it’s about what else can you still do to make the simplest of thing stand out. There are plenty of options available in the world. But you got to believe in your option. You got to have faith in your option and then nothing else will bother you and you would escape all illusions created by your brain. You would truly be unstoppable.