No Promises

The huge nebulose of agony hover over his swollen heart. Besides the wafting breeze, the chattering of leaves is the only sound that tears up the eerie silence. The silence between two hearts, beneath which a million thoughts are buried. The moon slides himself somewhere behind clouds leaving darkness to prosper. It’s tough to witness the outburst of a lad’s emotions. Tears were rolling from his eyes as he knelt down. Drenched into the melancholy of his beloved he put the wilted rose over the corpse. Darkness has now completely covered the placid ambiance. Moon pretend to act ignorant by continuously being involved in hide & seek game. The corpse soaked every teardrop draining off his gloomy eyes. It apparently reminded him the way she cared for him. Night creatures have started to brood over atmosphere, making it more intense. But his mind is still choked by shackles of memories past. The pain in his heart grew fonder with each passing arcminute. He retrospected over the past. Regret is the worst thing a person lives with. It eats up the ability to introspect.

Suddenly the clouds started thundering, the gentle breeze transformed into a hailstorm. The pouring rain mixed with his tears apparently diluting the magnitude of salinity in his eyes. Bliss takes over the forlorn face as he unfolds the memories of his mind. The earth swallowed all the tears that the sky cried. His thoughts start roaming around his heart, looking for a place where all those memories are still fresh. There is a place in the human heart which acts as a preservant for all happy and sad times.

His subconscious drifted to the time they first met. The time when happiness dawned over him.

What are we living for?

“No gain is too big,
No loss is too huge.”

So what’s your life worth?
Nothing or Everything.

Ever since I have seen the promotional video of the new season of ‘Roadies’, my mind inadvertently chants this dialogue. Feels like it has been engraved on my mind. So yesternight I decided to face these rantings with a cool head. I finally gathered enough courage to sit and confront myself – my conscience.

Well, I believe everyone should spare some time out from the hassles of life and ponder upon the condition of his/her life. It helps a person to grow mentally, towards responsibilities and attain maturity.

Most of us are trudging through life without any specific motive. We just float over the flow of time. Blame destiny for every failure and pat luck for a good time.

Let’s start from the beginning. We all grow up going school every day following the same routine. After school, there are few of us who grab accolades, where most of us strive to get admitted at a reputed institution. After that, there is a struggle for a job. Then marriage, kids until old age. I mean where is the time to live? There are many lucky ones who manage gala time with friends, have fights & foes. And there are ones having a girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), love, relationship and everything a perfect Bollywood masala movie can have.

We laugh,
We cry,
We live,
We die,
But we often forget something,
An urge to smile,
A smile which can add wing,
To you,
During toughest of your times,
And in all your rhymes.

But is this all we live for? What is the actual meaning of life? Are you content with your proceedings? Where you see yourself in next few years?

The answer to all these questions is within your own self. Sit in quiet and just think about you and your life. Live for a cause.

Realise Your Dream

Dreams never die, they just lie dormant inside us due to lack of efforts & are needed to be revived by making sincere efforts.

We all have some (or rather many) dreams still alive in our heart. But we want to be at the firmament of success in a jiffy. Miracles don’t happen overnight. It’s a process, it needs time. You don’t grow up with the blink of an eye. There are different stages viz infancy, adolescence, teenage involved in it. Same is the case with our dreams. It requires a lot of courage (to accept your drawbacks) & efforts (to work on them) into the metamorphosis of your dreams into reality. Realize the worth of your dream. People will criticize you, they will talk gibberish that you are crazy. But have patience, accept the facts, groove yourself and never give up.

Remember, God is and will always be there for you but you yourself have to take initiative first. As the old adage goes, “GOD help those who help themselves.”
So, my friends, get out of the shackles of laziness and at least make an effort to explore your dream. Something we all might have have noticed that – if you want something so badly and try hard to achieve it, no force of this world can stop you from embracing it.
Now someone will definitely say, “I can do anything to turn up my dream into reality. Why do i fail every time? Where am I lacking?”

The irony is everyone loves his dream and want to make it real yet they just can’t make it. I’ll say,

“Give your heart to your work and love it more than your girlfriend. You will do it.”

Its up to you, wait for the right time or make the right use of present time.
Wait for a miracle or be the magician yourself.

Motivation Mantra

There’s always a motivational factor concealed behind a person’s achievement that always gears him up towards his goal. So whenever you feel like getting deflected from your path, just pause for a fraction of time, close your eyelids and remember the driving force that thrust you. Just recall all the reasons; Why you want it so badly? Why is it so important to you? There will always be some dumb fountains telling you that you ain’t that good at it and you just can’t get there. All you need to do is stay calm & ignore such sick ass buffoons. Avoid negative vibes and be positive throughout.

Believe in yourself and walk through your destiny. Do it because you are the best & prove it. Do it because nobody believed you can. Do it because you have only one life to get there. Do it for sake of your DREAMS. Do it for YOURSELF. And yeah, Don’t ever give EXCUSES.

…i’m not a motivational speaker, nor i am a retarded man (as you all must be thinking about me). I’m just an insomniac kid sharing up the views encircling my mind midst of night.

Life It Is

Few thing just happen in life without our realization. We don’t think about its good or bad attributes but just love the way it is. The best example to this will be our life itself. It just has happened. Despite the fact that we humans are mortal we are in love with life and the materialistic world. That’s ironic about life.

Do we love our life? Of course, we all do and the answer to this question will a big YES. But what if I ask a question like – Are you satisfied with your life? Now an eerie silence inadvertently occupies our surrounding. No one has ever been perfectly content with his proceedings in any field. When I had toffees I wished for chocolates, now that I have chocolate I need Bournville. Our desires keep building up as we move through the path of life.
And to some extent it is these desires which keeps us going all through. Though this path is full of twists and turns, sometimes smooth while at the other paved with sharp stones. I just the way it is. It throws challenges at me, i accept them, i conquer & i smile. Still, deep down my heart i never had chosen that rough path for me. Manier times i fail so i cry, cry harsh but then i stand up and move on in a hope that possibly a smile is waiting for me at the next turn. My optimistic eyes see a distant smooth road. That’s why I just love my life and this love has just happened.

Still Without You

He distinctly remembers that summer night. They were enchanted by the glorifying beauty of the scintillating TAJ. It was a full moon night. There was love and sanctity in their eyes, a betide promise to stand for each other – no matter what. The serene ambiance was probably eavesdropping on them. Everything seemed so perfect when they hold each other’s hand and
vowed to be together.

“We will be together,
No matter what,
When inclement turns weather,
When times are tough,
We will be together,
No matter what.”

Now, after more than a year has rolled by, its the same day. The atmosphere is still placid, but there is a silence of loneliness. The wind wafting through the still water. But tonight, he is all alone. Tears are dripping down his blue eyes. The moon has refused to reflect the rays of the sun.
Darkness has engulfed all his happiness & smile, still, he manages to say,

“The only thing that has not changed yet is – my love for you. Steadfast, it is and it will be more profound with the passage of time. Irrespective of all the hurt inside me. I believe we will be together someday. May somewhere in the other world I’ll still be waiting for you…”

He turns his gloomy face towards sky and whispers,

“You forgot that promise,
Leaving me totally astonish,
Sky is dark & I’m without you,
Fighting from loneliness
To survive through,
In a hope to someday meet you

Looking Back – Thanks 2011

Good Times bad Times,
They all were mine,
Happy face or Sad face,
In mirror i embraced.
When path was tough,
You filled me with faith,
Thank You 2011,
For being so great.

Everyone is so jubilant about welcoming 2012 that they neglect their present i.e 2011. People forget to look back at it and introspect acting ignorant about the learnings from their past time.

There are precisely 23 hours left for the departure of year 2011 and it will be drifted too far into the vast abyss of space & time. All those noteworthy moments will transform into a mere memory – lil’ sweet, a bit bitter.

Two Thousand & Eleven, it sounds like a huge sum but apparently the wheel of time rotated so fast that we didn’t actually realize. But before time snatches it away,

“Thank You 2011 for so many courtesies to me. Thanks for every single arc minute you put a HAPPY SMILEY in life. Thanks for all those zestful, emotional and gloomy moments as it turned me bolder and stronger.”

“2011, you have been amazing. And equally cruel as well. But I’d like to believe it was all for me to learn.”