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I Am Happy When…


The desire is to be the raindrop that is unafraid of freefall. The raindrop that sets itself free of its individuality and merges with other droplets to fill the emptiness of the river and oceans.

The train of thoughts had just started as the thunder clouds lightened his way. He could clearly hear his thoughts whistling, alarming him of the impending contemplation that is going to take a seat in his mind. Mostly, journeys are about looking outside the window to adore the overcast weather. But this journey was about looking inside the window of his mind. This journey was not about reaching somewhere but about discovering his own self. The falling rain chimes reminded him of his own individuality that was lost somewhere among the peers. “In some way, I am more like the raindrop.”, he pondered. The idea that he is somewhat like the raindrop amused him. He started enjoying the downpour more than ever. “But the raindrops have a purpose – to unite, to fill the emptiness, to coalesce and occupy every square inch of the ground”, came another voice from the corner of his heart as the train progressed through the tunnel. In dark, our deepest fears seek revelation. The train of thoughts paced up as he sought his purpose, something that will make him more akin to the raindrops. Unlike the raindrops, he never wanted to mingle with the peers. Rather he never felt he was one among them. Gloom subsided the joy on his face as he jostled to find an apt meaning of his existence. And just like every time, his mind again zeroed down to the unanswered question which follows when we are looking for a purpose in life – ‘I am happy when….’.  “The ultimate purpose of life is to be happy”, he remembered the old adage.

The train of thoughts was now taking a turn. He knew that the moment had come. It was the time when one can look at both the ends of the train. He peeked inside his heart and the view of much clearer to him. He could see the last coach – the past and the engine – what lies ahead of him, the future. We ought to compare our present with the two whenever we talk of happiness. “The nostalgia of childhood memories or the thrill of an exciting future opportunity, all that is nothing but the relative happiness”, he reflected. It was just at this moment when few raindrop touched his face. It dissolved in itself the dust that was there on his haggard face. The dust on the outside was also absorbed and settled down by the rain.

The rain had stopped by now. His gaze stumbled upon a tree where there was still another raindrop clinging to a leaf. That was the moment happiness dawned upon him. He felt glad that though there were a million droplets that were showering from the sky, he was not like most of them. He realized that he was like that one raindrop that clings on to the tree leaf and refused to fall down. Or perhaps the raindrop that was soaked by tree trunk. He might also be the raindrop that fell over a million hopeful faces. The train of thoughts had finally reached the destination. And that gave him happiness.

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